January 2014 Mission Team Departing on Jan 2nd

Well all the bags are packed and everyone is excited.  Some of the mission team leaves out of the Sioux Falls airport tomorrow morning and we meet up wit the rest of the team in Minneapolis and will arrive in Tanzania Friday evening.  This is the first official mission team for Hope Ministries.  I am so excited to see where God is going to take us on this trip.  I have many exciting things lined up and the medical students traveling with me will really get alot of medical experience and a trip of a lifetime.

I have been humbled by all the love, support and donations that Hope Ministries has received for this trip. I want to especially thank the people at St. Joseph's Church and St. Peter's Church for you kind and generous financial donations. Your donations will help provide medications, medical care, surgeries, food, clothing and toys to so many people.  You will touch many people's lives forever in Africa.  God bless all of you who gave donations.

I ask for all your prayers that God will guide and protect the team as we travel an work in Tanzania.  I can't wait to return to see my family and friends there.  Our goal is to do daily blogs if the electricity and internet allow us.  Love to hear from you all.  Always is refreshing and encouraging to hear something from the people back home.

Thanks and wishing all of you a blessed and joyous 2014. smiley

God bless,


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