January 14th

January 14


Brittany went to ICU and saw many things that would not be seen in clinic. Woman who was beaten and found severely injured and in iCU 43 days. Different patient had placental abruption, fetal demise, and developed DIC and pulmonary edema. Another patient swallowed watch battery and took a long time to reach the hospital and developed respiratory failure and had to be intubated today.

Kim worked on her Swahili and walked many stairs. Sat with Intern much of the day but he mostly spoke Swahili .

Amanda went to Orthopedics with Dan. Saw multiple patients post MVA traumas. Saw a lot of osteomyelitis. Interesting day. We can learn as much from the local providers as they can from us. 

Shannon appreciated the comprehensive reports on the patients in ICU. They pray before they begin the day. Concerned that monitor alarms are not answered. 

John had a quiet day because nothing needed fixing. Maintenance workers pray before they begin the day. When John was there during previous visit, the work area was a mess but now has really been cleaned up and organized.

Pat went to the orphanage. Busy and good day. Went with Julius. Loved being with the children. Gave out toys and candy. Brittany and Kim will be going out tomorrow and giving dresses and underwear. Pat went to the market and bought a variety of produce for Fonelisco orphanage. Returned and did a teaching on menstruation. Thanks to the ladies from Peace Reformed Church who made the washable reusable sanitary pads for the girls.  The pads are so expensive here and for many girls they just use a piece of cloth.  So they welcomed them and we will see how they work for the girls.  Tough being a female here.  

Mary did teaching lecture on Breast  anatomy and physiology. Large audience and very receptive. Busy clinic saw and scheduled a number of patients for surgery Tuesday and Wednesday. Many cancers with advanced stage breast cancer. Unable to do core biopsies at the hospital. Doing FNAs, incision, and excisional biopsies. 

Dan attended morning report. Long ward rounds, traumas, tumors, infections. Much osteomyelitis. Some things Dan and Amanda saw were very impressive. X-rays in or under mattress and Dan concerned that X-rays are so contaminated. Communication of infection between patients. 

Mike learned a lot. Schistosomiasis induced hepatocellular carcinoma is something he does not see in US. Several patients withend stage liver disease transferred out.  Saw.patient with rectal  bleeding but there is no colonoscopy. Not sure how effective CT is for that condition, but that is all they have and so they do use CT. Endoscopy is done by Pauline and Mike gave her some pointers. She seemed receptive.He was impressed with the amount of care provided. 

Jenny did morning rounds. Junior residents were trying to make everything fit original diagnosis even when all information did not fit. Seemed fixated on first diagnosis. Ie. Patient with (CKD )Chronic Kidney Disease had normal creative. Was not able to give her lecture due to small audience and no projector. Will plan to do 2 lectures tomorrow. 


Sunday, January 13th:

The team flew to Mwanza and stopped to deliver the medical supplies to Kamanga Hospital.  They were more than excited to receive the equipment we brought.  They took the team on a tour to see the hospital and I am so proud of how Hope Ministries has been able to help them with supplies and equipment they have. 

We then went to check-in the motel and were able to get a little rest.  Then we invited the doctors to dinner and the team was able to ask questions and prepare for the week.  Then we had a celebration for the two orthopedic surgeons, who were sponsored by Iowa Orthopedics, because they graduated.  We had cake and the two doctors expressed heartfelt gratitude for the three years of sponsorship that they received.  I felt like a mom that had her son’s graduating from school.  I am very passionate of education and sponsoring these residents, because they will help many people.  I paid for three more residents tuition and they are in their last year.  They all came to me with big smiles and heartfelt thanks for the donors.  This was an exciting moment in what Hope Ministries is doing in Tanzanian.  


Please continue to pray for the team and for the patients we are serve.  Thanks so much to all the donors that make this possible.