Impactful Hospice Care

A Hospice Volunteer Experience with Lynn:

While the medical people were busy at Salian, Lynn met with the local hospice group. This team diligently cares for about 2,000 patients throughout the four districts of Tanzania. Many of these cases were incredibly difficult and sad to witness.

Lynn was able to visit a total of 4 houses, and gift each of them with a bundle of food that should last them over a month. The first case Lynn experienced was probably the most difficult for her day. It was a 27 year old female patient, who looked only half of her age. She was completely unable to speak and took 8 pills each day to help manager her pain. It was astonishing to witness these people’s living conditions in their one-bedroom huts. Lynn said she had never seen anything like it. She was truly amazed by the hospice team. It has so many incredible staff members who all share a genuine passion for helping the people they serve.

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