Illuminate: to brighten; to light up; to irradiate; to shine

Illuminate. What a beautiful word with a beautiful meaning. 

We hope and we pray that we illuminate God’s love not only here in the United States, but also across the vast seas and into the heartland of Africa – to all those whom we encounter.  The purpose Hope Ministries holds is to be an exuberant illumination to this world.  Our goal at Hope Ministries is to strengthen and enliven the Faith of those who are served. We not only provide strength through surgical repairs or replenishment of food and water to those in need, but we also lay hands on the weak and pray for His strength to boldly come through onto the weary.  God’s Love is stronger than we can imagine and bolder than we can see. We believe the power of prayer can heal both the inside and out and illuminate the world to know of His Goodness, Power and Love.

Our mission is that everyone we encounter witnesses the work of Christ from an outside perspective.  We try to be gracious and loving every step of the way and allowing all to feel His presence as we work to strengthen their physical, emotional and spiritual health through a strong radiance, a wonderful surge and a bright filled light of illumination.