A Story from Volunteer, Allie L.

Today we went to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Moshi with Dr. Wheeler and Mama Gayle. I think I can speak for the rest of the team while saying we enjoyed getting to watch, listen, and learn from both of them today as they assessed and discussed treatment plans with each patient. They are both amazing teachers and took the time to answer each of our questions.

We assessed a four year old boy who had broken his radius about a month ago. Dr. Wheeler showed us on the x-ray that new bone had already started to form since the bone had been broken for an entire month. Due to children’s bones forming and remodeling easily, Dr. Wheeler informed the patient’s family that they could wait a year as healing should continue to occur naturally and surgery would most likely not be needed. The family was incredibly grateful for Hope Ministries assessment and wise medical guidance. 

I have so much gratitude for Hope Ministries, Mama Gayle, and all the doctors for the incredible work you’ve done and the amount of time you take to care for your patients.

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