Head Injury and Five Years Untreated

Surgical Day – Story from Mama Gayle

Today Mark and I went to St. Joseph’s to do surgeries. We had four cases scheduled and a few turned out to be very difficult and took quite a bit of time. We invited some students from Germany and Sweden to come into the Operating Room to learn. Mark continued to be a great teacher throughout each of his surgical procedures.

In between surgical cases we assessed multiple patients. One of a patients we assessed today was as 12 year old boy. When he was just 7 years old, he was playing outside and fell out of a tree and landed directly onto his head. His family couldn’t afford the needed medical treatment so he  was unable to get the exact help he needed until now. When we assessed him his head was still visibly swollen. He was unable to walk, and his feet were turned inward. Our biggest concern was his head injury. He was referred to KCMC and when our medical team comes back in May we will reassess his condition and hopefully, finally get him the help he needs. It broke our hearts to see this young patient clearly suffering for so many years. We couldn’t be doing this work without your help and support. Thank you so incredibly much.

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