God First

Acts 5:29 reminds us Who is in complete authority of our lives, and Who we need to truly be listening to most in our walk in life. In Acts 5:29, Peter and the other apostles were confronted by angry authority figures. The authority figures told them that they needed to put their calling of spreading Jesus’ love aside and immediately stop speaking Truth and spreading His love into other people’s lives.

Instead of complying and obeying the earthly authority figures, Peter and the other apostles simply responded with a bold, courageous statement. 

They said, “We *must* obey God rather than the people.”

This simple, yet bold statement can make any individual pause at any given time. Where do we need to be listening to our Heavenly Father instead of complying with the people around us, and where do we need to continue serving God instead of putting our hopes and dreams aside because of the opinions on this earth?

We at Hope Ministries will continue to put God’s will and calling first. We will continue to serve the orphans, the widows and the impoverished of Tanzania just as He has called us to do. Join us in putting God’s calling first by taking a leap of Faith today.

With Love,

Hope Ministries