Friday, May 29th

Friday, May 29th:

Well today we had our last day at Bugando Medical Centre and it was a wonderful and blessed day. All the team arrived at the hospital and we went to the ward report where we reviewed the new admissions and update on the status of some patients. We then went to make patient rounds with Dr. Isidor and Dr. Gerald. We were able to see all the patients that we did surgery on during this week and we all feel so blessed that all the patients were doing so good. Ralph continued to teach the doctors about postop care of these patients. He has been an awesome teacher and I know has left a lasting impact within this medical community and many patients were blessed by his medical care. It was so exciting to see how well the patients were doing and we said our good byes. We get attached to our patients. They all were so grateful and wished us many blessings and we heard over and over again “Mungu Akubariki”…may God bless you. With all the challenges you can have as you do medical care here, God showed us why we came to serve here by seeing the progress of many patients. The sad part is we did not get time to do all the surgeries that were needed. There were two men who we did not get time to do laminectomies on and we had to deliver the news to them because they were admitted on the ward. These were not critical patients and if they choose they can come and get surgeries when we return. It was sad to see the disappointment! This is the hard part of doing mission work here.

We then arrived at the airport ready to head to Arusha. Our plane was delayed so we spent alot of time at the airport. As usual we had some great conversations with the team. When we arrived home we were met by Freeman and Faraja to take us home. What a long ride to Arusha with the awful traffic and a motor cycle and car accident…yikes….thank God we made home.

The team then relaxed and we shared what this trip meant to them. I asked them to each describe their trip in one word and wow it was amazing on God has touched each of their hearts here in Africa. Here are the words..blessed, humbled, kindled, Mungu (God), inspiring, and family. WOW…thank you God for what you put on their hearts.

God bless all of you for your continual prayers.