Friday, May 22nd

Friday, May 22nd:

I was so excited because last night I was able to meet the children that Hope Ministries and Chad, Hannah, Drew & Chase are sponsoring with an educational scholarship in honor of Kari Stroschein.  I gave them the letters that Hannah and Drew wrote and they just loved them.  The two girls Susanne and Agnus received dolls, and some cute headbands which they loved.  I did not get to see Emmanuel the 3rd student that we sponsor because he was off to school.  Drew made a picture of tractor, gave him some clothes and a tractor for a gift.  These kids are so happy for their sponsorship in school and gave me alot of hugs.  Sending hugs and kisses to the Chad Stroschein family for what you are doing to help these sweet orphan children.  I know that Kari is smiling down on you guys for what you are doing.  Love you guys!
Mark and I got up and packed before we went to the hospital because we were leaving after we worked at the hospital.  Upon arriving at the hospital we waiting for Dr. Philipo and then we went and made patient rounds to check on all the people that we did surgery on and admitted to make sure they were doing well.  Remember our sweet little girl Ester that we admitted, she gave us big smiles when she saw us.  After rounds we went shopping for some small children sized crutches for Ester.  The PT will teach her how to use them because she will have to be off of them for a year.  She stood up and tried to use them and had the biggest smile you ever did see.  God be with this sweet girl and heal her foot so she can walk.
Freeman and I then took Mark to do some shopping before taking him to the airplane to depart for home.  Thanks Mark for everything you did to help these wonderful people.  Also thanks for your humor to keep the team laughing all the time.  After dropping Mark off at the airport we picked up Ralph and Julie Reeder at the airport.  They arrived safely and were pulled over by customs so I had to bring the formal paper work to get them through.  I was happy to see them.
I talked to Julius who was with the rest of the team in Arusha.  He went shopping early in the morning to get food to bring to the families of Hospice.  He then met the team and the Hospice medical team at Ahadi lodge.  The team said that they went to 4 homes and it was an eye opener to see how poorly these people lived.  They were all so grateful for the rice, beans, cooking oil, vegetables and fruit.  Please God wrap your loving arms around these poor people.  Many of the them were HIV positive.  
Julius then took the team out to Khans for supper and they arrived about the same time we did from the airport.  It sounded like they had a great time.  We were busy getting checked into our rooms and Chad, Emily and Brandon are excited to head off on safari with Julius in the morning.
God bless our families back home.