Friday, Jan. 20th

Bwana Asifiwe! What a glorious day. Mark, Steve, John and I went to the hospital and heard morning report. We then had an evaluation meeting with the doctors, residents and medical students that we worked with all week. I was beyond excited and happy about how pleased they were with the time that we spent with them. We also discussed things that we could change for future trips. Everyone at Bugando is so appreciative and pleased with what we did this past week. In fact they want us to come and stay for 2-3 weeks and work.

It is hard to believe our time as a team is about over. Mark, Allyson and Shelby will stay at a lodge close to the airport and will depart on the KLM flight this evening. The rest of the team is not looking forward to saying good-bye. I have been so blessed by this wonderful team. Everyone got along so well and were eager to work and help these beautiful people of Tanzania. God bless each and everyone one of them. I love you all and karibu to Tanzania with me again.

Now starts the good-byes, which I always find difficult, but it won’t be long and I will return in May. Thanks to all the donors for your financial contributions, love and prayers. We could not do this without you. You cannot believe all the people’s lives that you have touched. I welcome you all to come with me and you can see first hand the work of Hope Ministries.

This is the Hope team.  What a blessing they have all been.  Everyone bonded and we shared many laughs and worked hard together.  This team got along so well.  Then there is not enough words that I can express about how much I owe my Tanzanian team.  Julius, Freeman and Faraja are my Tanzanian family and I could not do this without them.  They are always so helpful and always looking out for me and the team.  Thanks to all of you guys for your help and love.

 Julius you are my rock, my strength and I love you like my own son.  You have such a loving and caring heart and I could not do this without you.  You are full of such wisdom and so helpful with decision-making, when this old lady cannot think anymore.  Please God bless all of January Hope Team… are all the best and I love you all. May God bless you all for loving and caring hearts and for all your hard work!

God bless,

Mama Gayle