Friday, December 27th

I am struggling with the time change so not  sleeping well.  Tanzania is 9 hours ahead of home, so hopefully tonight I can get a good nights rest.

I spent the morning  calling patients and checking to make sure the schedule is set with all the team’s scheduled work.  Such lovely people here and are so warm and welcoming.  Looks like the team is going to be very busy, and I am so excited to greet them at the airport.

I then went to see my dear friend Reggie.  He is having some health issues so wanted to check to make sure he was doing well.  He had ALOT of old and expired medications sitting around in his bedroom so we cleaned, straighten and threw a lot of the expired… meds from 2013 away.  I also checked his BP machine and it was not working properly so we got the batteries changed and now it works.  Hopefully now he has a better system set up so that he takes the right medications at the right times.  I have known Reggie for many years and we always have a great time together with laughs and great conversations.  His son and daughter called while I was there, so fun to visit with them also.  Reggie is so excited because he is going to be a new grandpa in June.  It warmed my heart so see him excited and smiling about this precious event.  I enjoyed my time with him and then headed back to the lodge to make some more phone calls.

Also the weather is beautiful here.  We have getting some rains in the morning and then clear in the afternoon.  Feels good to be wearing shorts and flip flops.  I read on the internet that we are supposed to get snow back home.  Everyone stay warm and safe.