imageWow it is hard to believe that this is the last day at Bugando Hospital.  As I reflect back on all the team has done, I thank God for giving us strength to do HIS work.  Many people’s lives were touched by the medical team.  Today Dr. Block performed the first every urethral stent insertion.  A lot of firsts were done on this trip and many medical students, interns and physicians gained a wealth of information from these doctors.  I also want to thank my sister Nai for going with me to help in the OR.  She also did a lot of teaching to the OR nurses on scrubbing and maintaining a sterile environment.  Through education we can leave lasting changes that will continue to help the people after we are gone.  

Nai, Julius and I were pretty tired today.  We received a phone call late from my son Meshack that his brother had an abdominal stab wound and had been treated at a village hospital.  During the surgery he went into cardiac arrest and they had to do CPR.  He then was in a coma,  so Meshcak brought him by ambulance to Bugando Hospital in Mwanza where we were.  We received a phone call from Meshack, he sounded so sad and scared, so we rushed to the hospital to be with him.  When we arrived his brother was getting an ultrasound of the abdomen to rule out any bleeding or peritonitis which was negative.  I called some of the doctors that I knew to get him some help.  I then prayed with the family and I ask you all for prayers for this man because he is very sick and in ICU.  We returned home late, so we got little sleep.  When we arrived there in the am,  Nai and I went to ICU and saw Meshack’s brother.  His vitals were very unstable during the night, but seemed to be stabilized.  

Then Meshack came and we updated him on his brother’s condition.  He looked so sad and had not had any sleep.  Nai and I talked to him while  the rest of the team was in different team reports.  Then Dr. Washington and Bill came out of OR and I took them into the ICU to examine the patient.  They said the abdomen was soft with no problems, but I told him I was concerned about his  lungs.  Dr. Washington listened  and agreed with me that we should do a chest x-ray.  Also he reviewed the orders and I questioned some that the resident had written and Dr. Washington agreed with me.  We had to go pay for the x-ray before it could  be done, so Nai and traveled all around the hospital until we got that done.

We then went to OR to finish our last cases with all 3 doctors.  Then we started the good-byes.  The team is tired and ready to head back to Ahadi, but I am overwhelmed with all the things that we were able to accomplish.  Praise God!.  I always have a hard time with good-byes, but all  the staff and physicians were so kind and gracious for all we had done.

Then Nai and I went to ICU to see how Meshack’s brother was doing.  There had been no change, he is still in a coma.  It is amazing how God orchestrates everything.  All of this was truly a God thing.  To think that Nai, Julius and I were all in Mwanza,  when Meshack brought in his brother so we could help he and his family out,  and then I had just met Dr. Washington for the first time and  he went to ICU to help with this patient.  God is good!  He was there to give us strength to help these people.  

We then returned to the Hotel where we packed our clothes and had lunch and then we went to the airport.  On the way we picked up  Meshack so we could see him before we left and wanted to give him an update on his brother.  I also gave him some money to assist him with the medical expenses.  He looked so sad and was hard to say good-bye.  I miss him so much and my heart hurts to see him so sad and suffering.  He is such a young man to have so much responsibility.  His brother has 10 children, and Meshack  was trying to help get the kids into school that need to be.  My dear sister Nai and Charles are going to bring the 18 year old boy to their home and help care for him and sponsor him in school.  They are such beautiful people and give to so many.  

We had to say good-bye to Bill, Craig, Cade and Michael, as they were leaving to return to the US.  I can’t thank them enough for all they did for the people of Tanzania.  God bless all of you and you were such a joy to have on the team.  I am praying that you will all return again with me some day.  I know these doctors give of their time and talent and with a loving and caring heart, and I will be forever grateful.  

Please continue to pray for the team as we finish our last few days here and have to say our good-byes.  This is what I have such a hard time  doing.  Please pray for strength and safe travels.

Thanks for your continual prayers and support.  To all the donors I want to send a special thanks because through your donations many people’s lives will be changed forever.  God bless you all.


Today was our last day at Bugando Hospital. Olivia, Tarynne, and I started our morning with Dr. Mark in Ortho report. The most interesting case was a 35-year old woman with spontaneous numbness and paralysis up to the level of her umbilical region. She had also broken her femur, reportedly just by someone helping her roll over in bed. There were many possible causes for her symptoms, but a final diagnosis had not been made. After report, we went to surgery. Our surgeons were only able to have three total surgeries before we had to leave at noon, including the application of the first renal stent ever given at Bugando. The sad thing is, there were at least two scheduled surgeries today alone where the patients had left the hospital before surgery because they couldn’t afford the procedure. Michelle Clinesmith