Final Day in Tanzania

Well we awoke on Monday with a list of final things that we needed to get accomplished before leaving for the airport later that evening.  We had many errands to get done and then stopped over to see my dear friend Reggie.  He is such a sweet man and had gifts of coffee beans that he had freshly roasted for me.  Their coffee is so good and grown locally.  Reggie had sent me an email and we had skyped and had discussions about a neighbor lady of his that was diagnosed with breast cancer.  He had asked me many medical questions and asked me to pray for her.  She was brought to Nairobi to have a mastectomy and then was getting treatments of chemotherapy because they found some cancer in the lymph nodes.  Reggie asked if we could visit her because he thought it would help her so much to be able to talk to me because I am a breast cancer survivor.  I had not idea how this visit was going to affect all of us.

We walked with Reggie to her house.  She came out of the house to greet us and had to sit because she was feeling weak.  She explained how she was feeling nauseated and showed me the sores in her mouth.  We talked about how she could treat these and what she needed to do to help with her nutrition.  She spoke no English so Reggie translated for us.  She mainly spoke about how she was so worried she was because her faith in God had been weakened by this disease.  I tried to give her words of encouragement and Reggie felt it helped because I am a breast cancer survivor.  Lee and I then prayed with her.  She had tears flowing down her face and I ask that all of you pray for this special lady.  Her concerns were not about her cancer but that her faith had been challenged.  It continues to surprise me on God sets examples before me and this in turn affects my own life.  This brief visit has really impacted my life.

We then returned and begin the packing process and ride to the airport.  We left that evening at 840 pm.  We prayed for a safe journey.


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