Fall Onto Me

Fall onto Me like the bright crisp leaves fall onto a river. Fall onto Me like the remaining petals of a winter rose fall onto the fully contrasting snow. Fall onto Me like a child who soars into his father’s arms without fears holding him back. 

Fall onto me like the bright crisp leaves fall onto a river, and My Grace will wisp you away.

Hope Ministries prays constantly to be the extending hands of God for others to let go of their past and fall into His Grace. We love where we serve, how we serve, and most importantly Who we serve, the God of this universe. The God of the fall colors. The God of the morning dews, and the God of our unique creation.

We also acknowledge those hands that extend God’s love onto us as we continue on with this ministry.  He truly has provided through donors, through sponsors, through prayers and support, and we cannot thank Him enough for the Strength His given us.

May we fall onto Him in the days to come just as the fall crisp leaves disperse onto the steady, rolling river. May His Grace wisp us away in His endless Love and Mercy. And may we worship Him daily time and time again.

– Hope Ministries