Dr. Fidelis Visiting in the US

Hope Ministries believes that education leaves a lasting imprint in the medical care in Tanzania.  It increases the medical skills, knowledge, and technical procedure which provide a hope for future patients.  

Dr. Fidelis, an ENT physician, from Bugando Hospital in Mwanza, Tanzania, traveled back to the US with me and the May Missionary team.  He will be spending two months here learning from our US doctors.  This is his first trip to the US and has already learned so much.

The first few days he stayed with Dr. Marni Johnson, an audiologist who goes to Tanzania with me.  He went and observed Dr. Spanos, an ENT head & neck surgeon from  Sioux Falls and learned a lot from him.  Then in his spare time he had fun with Marni and her family.

(Attending his first baseball game to watch Marni’s boys)

He then went to stay with Dr. Sarah Powell in the Dakota Dunes.  Sarah has gone on several trips with Hope Ministries.  Dr. Fidelis has been observing Dr. Sarah Powell, Dr. Thomas Kenny and Dr. Reason Ford at ENT consultants and has observed them in the clinic and in the OR.  He has learned so much from all of them and is so excited to go back to his country to use this knowledge to help his people.  We just need to get him some of the needed equipment to assist him with these new procedures he is learning.

While with Sarah’s family he got to play golf, go swimming and fishing for the first time in his life. 

I had the pleasure of having Fidelis stay with me this past week.  What a lovely young man that is so grateful for all the things he is learning here, and feels blessed that he was been given this opportunity and said his life was be forever changed.  He is amazed at all the technology that we have and loves the “smooth” roads we have here.  I was able to cook him some food that I know the Tanzanians love and he said he felt like he was back in his home country.  We also took him on a tour too check out all the flooding in our area, and was shocked.  He prayed we would be safe.

Next week he will be headed to California to observe at the University of Southern California.  He will be there for 5 weeks.  He is a little apprehensive about this experience, but hopes the people there are as friendly and welcoming as the people have been in the Midwest.  

I always enjoy hosting Tanzanians in my home, as I continue to learn about things in their culture.  Fidelis and I went on a web site where I can get medical equipment and he helped formulate a wish list.  His eyes lit up when he saw some of the equipment.  I pray that our fundraiser goes well on Sept 8th, so I can help him get some of this equipment that he needs.  I will be posting details of the fundraiser.