December 31st

Friday, December 31st.

The team was up early and excited to go visit

Share Tanzania, to assess the special needs children.  Thanks to the financial donations to Hope Ministries because we were able to donate a badly needed suction machine because these CP children all have nasogastric tubes and are at high risk for aspiration pneumonia, which can cause death if not treated.  When we arrived we were warmly welcomed by the staff and then set up a clinic and examined the children that were having medical issues.  The staff do such an incredible job with these kids and it is obvious how much they love and care for these children.  I did a lot of teaching to the staff and it was a great day.  I firmly believe in education and when I looked up on the wall at the end of the day, I was a sign that said “Education”.  So many of these disabled children are left abandoned and praise God that this facility is ready to take them in and make a beautiful home for them.  Abby and Alinda were closely observing along with the staff and learning lots about assessments of kids with CP. I taught about signs to assess for contractures, as well as their prevention, and what types of physical therapy to be done to increase mobility.

I was so excited to see my girl Ester.  If you remember she is the young girl that we have taken care of over the years and trying to prevent bilateral amputation.  A year ago I had her removed from the grandmothers care because she was getting worse.  The grandmother was relieved and excited that we would be getting her care at this children’s home.  She is now 13 years old and she looks so healthy and happy.  I was able to give her a lot of hugs and kisses.  Julius was so happy to see her too.

We then traveled a long distance with unbelievable traffic to get to Arusha.  Then we unpacked and showered and went to celebrate New Years with Julius and his family.  I brought New Years hats and glow sticks from the USA and made necklaces and bracelets for everyone.  They all really enjoyed them.  We enjoyed the company of my Tanzanian family and had a lovely barbecue and Julius shot off some fireworks at the stroke of midnight.  Then we all hugged and welcomed in 2022.  I was privileged to be ask to say the prayer before our meal (because I was the oldest one there…) and my prayers and wishes are for a brighter 2022 for everyone around the world that Covid goes away and allows to have some normalcy and that the poor people of Tanzania can recover economically.  It has caused them a lot of hardships, loss of jobs, and people starving to death.  God be with them all.

As they say in Tanzania, “Heri ya Mwake Mpya” which means Happy New Year to all of you.  Let’s all share our love and help our neighbors in need.  I pray for peace around the world.  Thank you God for continuing to be Hope Ministries guiding light.

Mama Gayle