Creator of All Things

If God is the Maker of all things, He must also be then the Provider of all things.

With this knowledge, faith and awareness, we trust God to provide our every need at Hope Ministries, including financial provision and safe travels.

Would you join us as we pray and place our trust in God’s provision of safe travels, financial stability, and a successful mission this upcoming trip?

God, would You continue to provide for Hope Ministries? Lord, would you look over our entire mission and let Your Name, alone, be fully glorified throughout it all. Would you provide just the right amount of finances for our work, bless us with the exact amount of supplies that our ministry needs and stir amongst all the beautiful hearts in the people surrounding us to come alongside of us in this journey. You are the creator of all things, oh God, and it is in Your name that we place our trust.


With Love,

Hope Ministries