Constantly Dreaming Big

“We are limited, not by our abilities, but by our vision.”

As we keep stepping one foot forward at a time from last week and continue coming closer to our upcoming departure date in May, we remind ourselves to continuously dream big and never let our visions be limited by earthly negativity. God instills in us such wonderful capacity to do big things for His Kingdom. Let us not allow past events or other negative perspectives weigh us down and hinder us from accomplishing works from Above. Are we fully trusting that God has equipped us with the ability to do the big things He has planned for us to do, or are we limiting ourselves by accepting the false belief that we are simply not enough?  In His eyes, we are more than enough, we are more than just average. Let us never forget that. We together
have the capacity to move mountains. Do you trust Him? 

As we continue to push forward into this upcoming African adventure, help us O Lord, to continue to dream big for your Kingdom and be bold in Your presence. Let us to complete the work of Your hands and love with the ways of Your heart.

Hope Ministries