Comforting Patients

Comfort for Patients

We spent the entire day assessing patients and educating the hospital team simlataneously at  Bugando Medical Centre. We assessed a sweet, one month old patient who had a very large tumor protruding from the base of her skull.  After assessing and reviewing her films, it was concluded that her mass was inoperable. The medical centre could only provide comfort cares for this child. When you have no cure to offer medically, it can feel defeating as a medical practitioner. It’s not often we experience cases like this, but when we do, all we can do as medical providers is to place our hope and trust back in the hands of the Creator and Savior of all. We were able to comfort this patient’s mom with uplifting words and encouraging prayers. 

After a long day filled with highs and lows, we wrapped up our first day at Bugando Medical Centre. Despite our sad case with the little girl, the local doctors kept emphasizing how much they were learning from Hope Ministries. Education is an integral part of our ministry.

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