Children Being Helped

A Story of Gratitude from Mama Gayle:

Today when we stopped to pick up the Tanzanian Doctor and nurse at the Mererani clinic, there were patients lined up outside just waiting to see us. Each of them expressed their gratitude for providing surgical care for their children. Through each of our donor’s financial support, we were able to continue to help these people medically. Over the past few years, Hope Ministries established a medical referral clinic in which we were able to refer patients from our outreach clinics to Selian Hospital in Arusha.  We arranged which doctor each patient should see and even were able to schedule their appointments for them. Hope Ministries was able to provide for all of their medical care financially. Most of these patients were children, whom had been suffering for quite some time. Their parents could not afford to get them the health care they needed until now. Each family expressed so much gratitude for their child’s medical care and support. So much gratitude and thanks goes to each of you, because without you so many of these children’s ailments would have gone untreated.

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