Bridging the Gap

A Medical Story from Volunteer, Emma:

The last two days have been a blur. On Monday we saw 120 patients at Selian Lutheran Hospital and today we saw around 80 patients. Clinic was emotionally tough. Our hearts were consistently heavy, as we were constantly reminded that we cannot fix everything. One thing that surprised us the most was the amount of people that sought healthcare too late due to lack of finances. They are now are suffering from very preventable conditions that are too complicated to fix.

We also were saddened about the minimal healthcare education that our patients have received in the past. A lot of the patients we treated today previously received initial healthcare and then were never told when to receive any follow up care or how and when to take their medications. The amazing thing about Hope Ministries is that they help bridge this gap. Today, we spent a lot of time educating both our patients and Tanzanian medical workers about the importance of rehab, medication diligence and health education in general.

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