Be Still.

Let’s be still today. Let’s be still today and listen.

Let’s be still today.
Let’s be still today and listen. For in the silence, He speaks. In the stillness, He moves. And in the peaceful moment, He heals.

Let’s take a minute and offer up our everything to Our Heavenly Creator today. From our deepest of sorrows to our biggest of fears to our grandest of dreams, let’s give these all up to God and let’s give God, Our Hosanna, the chance to move.

Let’s allow God the opportunity to speak into our hearts, and let’s allow God the chance to take on all of our worries, fears and dreams. For we aren’t meant to carry these heavy loads, God is. We aren’t designed to combat evil with our tiniest bit of strength, God is. We aren’t created to know every moment of every day, God is. These are all of God’s designs, doings and purpose. Let’s let Him have it all.

Jesus, please take away our pain, our sufferings, our weaknesses and worries. Please provide for us Your greatest dreams and biggest desires of our lives. May You instill in us a Hope for what more there is to come and a stillness to just be in the Presence of Your Upmost Being.

It’s in Your name, we pray.


With Love,

Hope Ministries