As We Are

“God not only loves me as I am but knows me as I am.”
–  B. Manning

Pressing into the truth that God not only loves us in each and every season of our lives, but He also knows us in each and every season as well. He knows the deepest desires of our hearts; He empathizes with any current hurt we may be facing, and He knows both of our strongest and weakest attributes. Trusting that His plan is far greater than any plan we have curated in our own mind and trusting in His timing for all good things to come, He will continue to pave the way for our lives.

Help us cover those in Tanzania who are struggling financially, medically, and/or emotionally today, who may have lost sight of the Goodness of the Lord. Please join us in praying that they would come to remember that God is Sovereign and the Ruler of every situation and every circumstance, and He will continue to provide for their every need in every season.

With Love,

Hope Ministries