Arrived Safely in Mwanza

This morning I had a pleasant surprise and received a call from Lilian.  She said Wilson was in Arusha and flying with Mark and I to Mwanza.  Wilson is a District Commissioner and serves on my Tanzanian executive board of directors.  He has been a long time friend and was so good to see hm.  The 3 of us departed on Precision air at Kili airport and it was a one hour journey to Mwanza.  It was a good flight and my important friend Wilson got moved to the front of the plane.  I am so proud of him and how far he has come in his life.  A District Commissioner is like a governor in the states.  

Once we arrived at our Hotel we had our very first Executive Board Meeting for our NGO organization in Tanzania.  Members present were Mark Wheeler and I from the US and Dr. Isidor and Wilson from Tanzania.  We had a great meeting and discussed   and evaluated what Hope Ministries is doing in Tanzania and came up with many more great ideas on how we can be of service to the people here.   I am excited to present them the US Board of Directors.  We then reviewed our schedule with Dr. Isidor on what we would be doing medically at Bugando Hospital.  

Cheryl, Sarah and Julius were out on safari today and left early to go hunt with the bushman and visit different tribes.  They will be heading back to Arusha and then will be flying to Mwanza in the morning.  Anxious to see the rest of the team and start the 2nd leg of our journey in Africa.  Only one week and we will be home.  The time has gone so fast.  I have feelings of excitement and sadness all at the same time.  

Please pray for our time here in Mwanza.