Answers to Those In Need

Surgical Story by Allie:

We had another surgical day today at St. Joseph’s. One patient we saw had a severely inflamed and painful knee. She reported that her knee had been like this for a while. We were not one hundred percent certain as to what was causing the swelling upon our initial assessment. Dr. Wheeler decided to extract fluid from the knee to find out if it was blood and/or fluid. We were able to sit in on her procedure, and Dr. Wheeler did an amazing job educating everyone in the room. He was able to determine that it was blood surrounding her knee joint. Dr. Wheeler put the patient on an immobilizer to help reduce the swelling in the knee. He scheduled a follow up with her next Friday to continue to create a care plan for her. She was so grateful to Hope Ministries for helping her find answers as she otherwise wouldn’t have had this opportunity.

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