An Unknown, Injured Boy

A story from Logan – A Hope Ministries Volunteer

“One patient we encountered today was a boy around 12 years old with a severe femur fracture. While the story was somewhat unclear it appears that he had been assaulted by other children who live in the streets. Unfortunately, the boy did not know Swahili and no one knew what language he was speaking or what country he came from. He was able to make it to the hospital, yet there was still no one who knew his language. I felt an immense sadness thinking about what how scared this boy may have felt. He was in a huge hospital filled with hundreds of people and injured, but not one person could understand him. I could not imagine being in his position, especially after being injured. They continued to work with him to determine his native language and figure out more about his story and provide him with the care that he needed.”

Hope Ministries does their best to holistically care for every individual that they come in contact.

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