A Woman Unable to Speak

A Hospice Story from January 2022:

While the medical people were busy at Salian, I met with the hospice group. This team cares for about 2,000 patients throughout the four districts of Tanzania. Many of these cases are incredibly sad and so difficult to witness. I visited a total of four houses while with the team. We gifted each of them  a bundle of food to help them have proper nourishment over the next month or so.

Our first case we had was a 27 year old girl, who appeared only half of her age due to her ailments. She was unable to speak and took at least 8 pills each day to help keep her pain at bay. As I looked around at her living condition, I was astonished. After we completed our visit with her, I was filled with such gratitude for both the hospice team and Hope Ministries. They are filled with incredible individuals who have a true passion and heart for the people they serve. They are truly making a difference in this world today.