A Terrible Accident and Restored Hope

A Hospice Story from Mama Gayle

Today, I stopped by the hospice office to collaborate care for a family that Hope Ministries initially visited back in July. The young father was paralyzed in a terrible accident and has been in the hospital since. His wife has been at home working hard and caring for their three small children all by herself.

When the hospice team initially visited with the mother, she told them that her children had not eaten in over 24 hours.  Hope Ministries rallied together with the hospice team and sent food to her household immediately. In that moment, tears filled her eyes with gratitude for this unexpected gift of nourishment. The medical team sat down and made plans for some long term goals such as helping the mother start her own small business so she would be able to bring more money in for their family.  Hope Ministries also stepped forward and committed to assisting the family with food on a monthly basis. Our team will check back in with their family in 4 months when we are back in Tanzania. While the hospice team will do weekly visits with their family in the meantime.

After our visit, I was  invited in for a cup of tea and prayer with the hospice team. We all gathered around one another and prayed together as the tears streamed down all of our faces. We are just so grateful that we can continue to support this medical team with medical supplies, food for their hospice families, and medical attention for their patients.

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