A Hope Ministries Vision.

Visions, something everyone at some point in life encounters. Whether that’s a vision to grow up and become a doctor who cures diseases far and wide, or a vision to have many babies and raise them all in the best way you possibly can, or maybe it’s a vision to help en-better the lives of those around you through the smallest acts of love. 

Here at Hope Ministries we have a vision.  A vision so big, so wide and so far that we hope to only do the good works of our Father. As we go forward, we aim to provide opportunities that strengthen and enliven the Faith of those Who are served, as well as those who serve through a personal, hands-on mission experience that reflects Christ’s Love and Hope to all.

Would you join us? Join us in prayer as we continue to fight the Good fight for these lovely Tanzanian people. Join us physically as we come together August 18th at 6:30pm at The Point Golf and Event Center to financially support our mission and future goals. And lastly, but not least, support us in love with encouragement as we go along, caring for the least of those in Tanzania, Africa.