A Day of Thanksgiving

Today is International Women’s Day. As we celebrate the many women whom have impacted history and our own personal lives, we also celebrate the woman behind Hope Ministries, Mama Gayle.

Mama Gayle is the President and Founder of Hope Ministries. Gayle is selfless, strong, and a devoted woman of faith. She contains a heart of gold and has so much love for anyone and everyone she encounters. Her laughter and smile can easily brighten any room she walks into.

Without, Mama Gayle, this world would not be the same. Hope Ministries would not exist and many people of Tanzania would not contain the emotional, physical and/or spiritual health that they have today without her impacting heart. 

Thank you, Mama Gayle, for *all* of your selfless love and care for this world. We love and appreciate you today and every day! 

Hope Ministries