A 40 Day Journey

Walking into this Lent season with hearts full of gratitude, love and endless awe and wonder at God’s greatest sacrifice for us all: Jesus’ death and resurrection.¬†

As we sit back and head into this 40 day journey together, as a body of Christ, we pray with fierceness and fasting that God would deliver in big ways through this ministry, all for the Glory of His Kingdom.

Would you mind praying with us, here at Hope Ministries, during this Lenten season? As we care for the fatherless, the oppressed, and the sick, please pray that God would deliver us from any upcoming problems, that His tender love would provide everything for this serving ministry from financial support to encouraging prayers and love, and that our trust would be completely placed in His Loving Mercy. We are here for a Reason, serving for a Greater Purpose. Please join us as we ask God to deliver in big ways throughout this Lenten season.

With Love,

Hope Ministries