9 Months and No Care

Today at our clinic, we helped a 60 year old woman who was brought in by her son.  She presented with stroke symptoms such as slurred speech and paralysis in her right side.  Her son said that nine months ago she was chopping wood and the next time he looked over, she was on the ground unable to move. He couldn’t take her in to the hospital, because they couldn’t afford the expense of it all. The son’s friend recently told him about our clinic coming soon, and so he brought his mom in for care. As the doctor and I assessed her, we knew there was more going on within her body as her blood pressure was critically high. We were able to give her medication for her hypertension and then paid for her transportation to the nearest hospital for further care.  We let the family know that we would help out the best that we could with any further surgical procedures and physical therapy. The patient then bowed her head and prayed out loud in Swahili. The doctor turned to me and let me know that she said she will forever pray and give thanks for Hope Ministries’ kind and giving hearts.

After the day ended, we saw a total of 133 patients. We truly could not have done this without your prayers and financial support.

We are sending so much love and thanks to you all.

With Love,

Hope Ministries

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