Our First Day of Clinic

The medical team went to St. Joseph's Hospital in Moshi which is run by the nuns.  We first had team with the head of the hospital and the visiting orthopedic surgeon and a resident orthopedic Dr  We saw many patients that had orthopedic traumas and set up the surgery schedule.  There was a 15 year old orphan from the children's home that had severe deformed legs.  We took x-rays and then thanks to the many donors who contributed to our trip because your donations will make a big change in this young man' s life.  We will make sure that he also gets PT followup.  They are also bringing some other homeless children in tomorrow from the bush that have badly deformed legs and we will see them at clinic and sceduel their surgery.  The staff was so nice and we really enjoyed our day.  We will start our busy schedule of surgery on Monday. Please pray for us.  Your donations will help pay for medical care for people that otherwise would not have access to health care and would not be able to afford that care.  We also consulted on some cases that the doctors had seen before.




Then part of the team got a tour of the children's home where it houses 250 children ranging from 6 months to 18 year olds. The remaining members visited the children's home today. The majority of the day was spent playing with the children and giving a lending hand when needed. The team had a great time spending time with the kids, and it was obvious the children were enjoying their company as well. Travis, Jared, and Corey played basketball with the kids, while the girls were playing with the children on the playground. The team also joined the children in a church service, where we performed a song for the kids. Shaylia and Gayle did a great job leading the group with the singing, and everyone else did an excellent job with dancing. The team will be continuing tomorrow with two of the girls joining Dr. Wheeler and Gayle in sugery, where the remaining of the team will be visiting another orphanage serving them lunch and doing a project with the kids or shadowing the doctors at an outreach clinic.

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