3rd and Final Day of Safari

Amanda reporting for our day three of the safari! As we headed to Ngorongoro Crater it was pretty misty, cloudy, and chilly. On the road leading up to the gates of Ngorongoro Crater sat a bunch of baboons. The ride into the crater was creepily beautiful, surrounded by lots of forrest and fog. Once we were in the crater and off in the distance we could see the zebras and the wildebeast roaming together. We could see many safari vehicles stopped by an area, as we approached we could see why! Many simbas and cubs, naturally I was ecstatic since I love cats, kidogo and kubwa! From there we wandered around the crater and saw some buffalo, flamingos, gazelles, warthogs, and hippos! 

While at the picnic area for lunch we sat on the ground enjoying the sun that decided to join us for the day. The birds are like the monkeys from the other day, wait around hoping you won't notice them so they can sneak up and steal part of your lunch. Sneaky birds, they didn't get past us! We packed up and went on our way around the crater. During this time we saw a jackal pounce on his lunch. The black rhino was spotted! That made four out of the big five that we saw, we looked for the leopard but were unsuccessful. It was still a wonderful safari nonetheless. As we made our trek up the crater walls it got chillier, foggier, and a lot more of foliage. We went to the viewpoint when we made it to the top to get a good sight of the whole Ngorongoro Crater. The sight from that spot is absolutely breath-taking!

It was time to say good bye to our safari and head back to Arusha, the whole 154km, this involved naps, reading, journaling, picture taking, etc. We stopped by the market to get food for our hospice visits. We have made it back to Ahadi and have sorted out all of the food for hospice. We have seen so many sides of beauty so far on this trip and I know that I am excited to continue to see them. Praise God for all of His creations and making His face seen everywhere. 

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