HI this is Gayle.  This is the entire Hope Team that served here in Tanzanian.  I feel so blessed that God brought these beautiful people to Hope Ministries because they served with loving hearts to the people of Tanzania.  We did so much and I am sure they will come home with many stories and I know they will come home with a changed heart.  Please pray for our safe journey today.  We have been reading about the snow storm we might be heading into.  I also have a Tanzanian doctor coming home with me, so he is concerned about the snow and cold. It is now time  to say goodbye to my Tanzanian family and friends.  The tears have already starting flowing but anxious to see my family and friends at home.  God bless all of you for you many prayers and financial surpport.  You have helped so many people.


Saturday January 20th, 2018

Hey everyone, it’s Mikayla and I am here to catch you up on what has happened the past few days, as we have been off the grid.

Thursday was a busy day for the hospital team. The day was packed full of many cases. Dr. Mark had some interesting cases come through that Jake was able to scrub into. The doctors took advantage of Jake’s strength when straightening a patients leg. He was very thankful for this opportunity, as he would never get to see this in the states. Devin was interested in all the new kinds of cases brought in. She even got to see a brain surgery done by some of the Tanzanian doctors. Jake, Devin, and Hailey all agreed that it was a good end to a busy work week.

Derek, Rachael and I traveled back to Fonelisco Orphanage. This was my first trip there, and I was very thankful for the opportunity to meet all the amazing kiddos. They were all very eager to learn and were very thankful for all the toys we brought them. I made a very close friend today that I wish I didn’t have to leave. Derek and Rachael were happy to go back and see the kids again, too. They had a better experience this trip, as the weather was more cooperative. Most of the day was spent outside playing soccer, jump rope, and lion riding in the yard. At the end of the day, the owners put together a goodbye ceremony where the children sang and we were able to share our thanks with each other. You can bet there were tears a-flowing at this point.

Friday ended up being a day of travel. After spending some time getting through security at the airport, we were able to load the plane. Many of us were stopped and checked by officials, so it took a little longer than planned. We landed and said goodbye to Sarah and Marni and Dr. Mohsin, as they were flying out to head back home. The rest of us went back to Ahadi Lodge and settled back in. Once everyone got back, we went to one of Mama Gayle’s friend’s restaurant. The food we had was fantastic- some of the best meals we’ve had while here.

Today was a day to shop. We stopped and picked up the Tanzanite rings we ordered and headed over to the Maasai market. I think I can speak for most of us in saying this is an experience that we only need to have once. There were close to 100 “shops” packed into a 200 square foot space. Every business man and woman tried to get you to come into their shop and would try to get you to buy something. It was a very overwhelming experience, but one I was thankful to have.

This afternoon we had a break to relax by the pool and catch some rays. It was a beautiful last day in Arusha. We ask for prayers for our teammates that have already started the trip back home and also for prayers for us as we head out tomorrow night. We continue to pray for the patients we have seen in Tanzania and those who have gone through surgery while we were here. Lastly, we pray for all those whose lives we’ve touched, and those who have touched ours as well.

God bless you all, and thank you for following our blog!