As our team rounds up the last of our materials needed to make our voyage back across seas to the heartland of Africa, would you mind finding some time to pray for us?

Pray for that our safety and physical, emotional and spiritual well being would be well the entire length of our trip. Can you pray that God would provide the right patients at just the right time, who are most in need of our health care treatment, and that God’s wisdom would enter into each and every one of our medical staff there, so that we may know exactly how to treat each and every illness that we encounter. Could you pray for finances? That all finances may be met for this trip, and that Gayle would not have to carry that burden amongst her shoulders throughout this trip.  And can you pray that we are able to effectively share the true Gospel of Jesus Christ to each individual we meet in Tanzania? That our team may naturally display God’s loving grace, mercy and kindness onto others so that they may truly come to know our hope in our Savior Christ Jesus.

We thank you for your prayers. We could not be where we are without your constant love and support. We are so incredibly excited for this upcoming trip, and again, cannot thank you enough for all of your help! 

– Hope Ministries