May 29th

May 29th We had another day at the Orphanage and BMC. The boys taught the children about oral hygiene and wound care and were accompanied by Madi to have some help at the orphanage, and the rest of the team had another long day at the hospital which was filled with surgeries from the patients … Read more

May 28th

May 28th Hello again! Today most of the team went back to Bugando hospital while the rest of the team went to the orphanage to do their teaching projects. The day stated out with report of all the new patients admitted to the orthopedic unit. After report we followed the doctors around the hospital to … Read more

May 27th

May 27th A delicious Chinese meal and a comfy bed at the Yun Long Hotel in Mwanza, Tanzania are especially enjoyable after a busy day’s work! Our team split up today: Halie and Maddie visited the orphanage in Fonelisco and the rest of our group traveled to the Bugando Medical Center here in Mwanza. Halie … Read more

May 26th

May 26th Hi all! Today we traveled to Mwanza as this week we will be working at Bugando Medical Centre. We went and visited Kamanga Medics, a private hospital where Dr. Isidor and a few other physicians have opened and been expanding the last 5 years. While visiting Kamanga, we met Glory. Glory is a … Read more

May 25th.

May 25th The team and I just got back from our Safari, and visiting different tribes. I am amazed by the vastness and greatness of God. When I looked out into the beautiful planes I realized just how big our God truly is. As we drove on the rocky roads through the vast mountain ranges … Read more

Friday, May 24th

May 24th Well it was our last day of working at Selian.  Mark, Halie and I had a very busy day, but we really accomplished a lot.  We started the day by visiting all of our postop patients on the wards.  I got to visit the 71 year old man who had infection of the … Read more

Thursday, May 23rd

May 23rd Well all the team except for Mark, Halie and I headed out with Julius on safari.  It was so fun to hear and see the excitement they had at breakfast!  Now they get to head out and see God’s beauty in Africa.  I am praying that it does not rain so they have … Read more

May 22nd

May 22, 2019 I knew I was going to scrub in on my first surgery this morning. Like any decent student I tried to prepare myself a little by trying to gain some sort of insight on the anatomy of the lower extremities. We arrived to Selian Hospital and attended chapel before participating in a … Read more

May 21st

May 21 2019 Hi my name is Luke Boose, The trip to Tanzania has been an experience that is hard for me to put into words. So far, each day has held its own significant connection to me personally. Before this trip, I have never been out of the country let alone experienced what it … Read more

May 20th

May 20th 2019 Today the group split into two groups. One group went to Selian hospital and did clinics while the other group went and visited hospice patients in their homes. The team went to a market to buy and pack food for local hospice families and the next day half the team delivered them … Read more