Saturday, 12/29

  Last night I went with Julius to meet an owner of a local safari company that he works for and he wanted to know if I could go and help a young boy who had been shot and was paralyzed from the waist down.  After he started to tell me about his story, I … Read more

Friday, 12/28

This is my African family that are at Ahadi.   Hi Everyone, Just a quick note to let you all know that I have arrived safely in TZ.  I was greeted at the airport by Julius and Freeman.  It always warms my heart to see their smiling faces and get their warm Tanzanian welcomes.  I … Read more

Celebrate The King

This upcoming Tuesday we are not gathering around dinner tables and living rooms for the sole purpose of beautifully decorated Christmas trees and elegantly wrapped Christmas presents celebrating another U.S. holiday. No, we are gathering around together with all of our family and friends to celebrate the King of all kings, the Peacemaker of all … Read more

Creator of All Things

If God is the Maker of all things, He must also be then the Provider of all things. With this knowledge, faith and awareness, we trust God to provide our every need at Hope Ministries, including financial provision and safe travels. Would you join us as we pray and place our trust in God’s provision … Read more