Wednesday, May 30th

Wednesday, May 30th As crazy as it sounds to many of us, our time on this trip is drawing to a close. Tomorrow will be our last day of wholly dedicated service to the least of these in Tanzania. Yet, though our collective energy is nearly spent, and our spirits nigh overwhelmed with all that … Read more

Tuesday, May 29th

Tuesday, May 29th  Hi everyone! This is Shawna.   Today is the second day in Mwanza, half of us were at Bugando Hospital and half at Fonelisco Orphanage. Reflecting on our days, the group at the orphanage were surprised on how little room the children have. There are twin bunk beds where some of the … Read more

Thank You

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your love and support while we have been serving the people of Tanzania these past couple of weeks. We could not have done these past couple of days without your prayers. As we continue on with this journey, we ask for prayers energy for … Read more

Monday, May 28th

Monday, May 28th Hello! This is Sydney, blogging from hot and humid Mwanza! Today was our first day at Bugando Medical Centre, which was to say the least, an experience. The 1000 bed hospital is pretty much a skyscraper compared to all the other buildings in town, but apart from its architectural prowess, it is … Read more

Sunday, May 27th

Sunday, May 27th Today started off bright and early getting ready for our flight to Mwanza.  We arrived in Mwanza, after an hour flight, at about noon.  When first arriving here we were taken back by the beauty of Lake Victoria, the second largest lake in the world.  We have been warned not to swim … Read more

Saturday, May 26th

Saturday, May 26th: Jombo and Karibu to the latest blog post from the team in Tanzania. These past few days we have been on safari, viewing the beautiful creation God so masterfully put into motion. It has truly been a once in a lifetime opportunity. Thursday morning we woke up early to leave for Tarangire … Read more

Friday, May 25th

Friday, May 25th: Well today was Mark and my last day at Selian Hospital.  We started the day worshiping in the chapel with the hospital staff and then were heard patient report.  Mark then did a teaching project on Pediatric fractures.  He is such a great teacher and they all enjoyed it.  We finished our … Read more

Thursday, May 24th

Thursday, May 24th: Well the team very excitedly headed off on safari today.  It was a joy to see them so excited and so happy that they are able to go see God’s beauty of Africa.  Julius, my Tanzanian Assistant, is there safari driver.  He is an awesome guide, so I know they will have … Read more

Wednesday, May 23rd

Wednesday, May 23rd: Greetings from Africa! Today was our final day in which the team was split between Selian Hospital and Hospice visits. About half of us ministered to those in Hospice and half of us served in Selian. Overall, we have enjoyed the brief rhythm of these three days, yet we approach our next … Read more

Tuesday, May 22nd

Tuesday, May 22nd: Hi guys, it’s Shawna! Today was our first day of surgery! Three surgeries were scheduled for today, but unfortunately two people did not go through with the surgeries.  The one surgery that was done was for a little girl that is served by Compassion International supported by Hope Ministries because they have … Read more