Giving Thanks to All

As the Thanksgiving holiday draws nearer and the family and friends gather ’round, let us all give thanks for the beauty and gifts that God has given us in this very moment.  May we take a moment to appreciate the warmth of our homes as loved ones come in, the extraordinary feast of food as … Read more

Upcoming Trip

As some of you may know, Hope Ministries will be back at it again and assisting those in need in the heart land of Africa. A team will bravely travel many hours across seas and embark on their medical mission adventure in Tanzania, Africa. From helping orphans to aiding those who are medically in need, … Read more

Blessed are the Poor in Spirit

“He only who is reduced to nothing in himself, and relies on the mercy of God, is poor I spirit.” – John Calivn Remembering the Beatitudes and all the beauty that come with them this morning as I reflect on how I can humbly encounter God more intentionally. Poor in spirit can mean fiscally, emotionally, … Read more

So Will I

As I sat this past week attempting to accumulate the right words for just the write blog post. I was struck with the simple message through a simple melody “So Will I” by Amanda Cook (link below). And I couldn’t help but think this is what Hope Ministries is all about.  If the mountains bow … Read more