Placing the “H” in Hope

Hope Ministries stands for an important cause and each letter in the Hope that we share with others stands for a significant meaning. As we look into the letters, we realize the trueness behind our “H” in Hope Ministries. Healthcare. Something that each and everyone of us will need along the way. Something that each … Read more

Fall Onto Me

Fall onto Me like the bright crisp leaves fall onto a river. Fall onto Me like the remaining petals of a winter rose fall onto the fully contrasting snow. Fall onto Me like a child who soars into his father’s arms without fears holding him back.  Fall onto me like the bright crisp leaves fall … Read more

The Power of Self Love

From the wise words of Brennan Manning:  “Self hatred is an enormous obstacle to loving other people. Usually we dislike others not because we love ourselves too much, but because we’re not able to love ourselves enough.. Jesus said, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” In other words, my capacity to love you lies in direct … Read more

One’s True Self

Brennan Manning, the wonderful author of The Ragamuffin Gospel wrote that, “In Christ, freedom from fear empowers us to let go of the desire to constantly appear good (and people please), so that we can move freely into the mystery of who Christ has truly made us out to be.” Processing through this statement today and realizing … Read more

Tanzanian Doctors Visit South Dakota

Hope Ministries had the pleasure of hosting two physicians from Tanzania.  Dr. Isidor is an orthopedic surgeon and Dr. Rodrick is an internist that work at Bugando Medical Centre in Mwanza, Tanzania.  Our medical mission teams work at this hospital during their mission trips.  They both teach at the medical school and they along with … Read more