Friendly Reminder : Fundraiser Vertebrae Still for Sale!

We would love to extend another big THANK YOU for all of the help, love and support at our most recent fundraiser.  Our vertebrae is still up for sale and donations are more than welcome.  With your vertebrae purchase and donations given, you will be providing innocent children with food and nourishment and hurting individuals with … Read more


We would like to thank all of you who came out to support us at our most recent Shake Your Tail Bone Fundraiser. A HUGE thank you to those who donated to this mission. Each vertebrae purchased provided an underprivileged individual with the surgical procedures needed in order for them to sustain life. Exciting news … Read more


Well it is only 4 days until our fundraiser and we are all excited to share this exciting evening with you all.  It is a night of fun, in which we will celebrate all Hope’s accomplishments and a night of thanksgiving to all the people who have supported us through prayers and financial support.  Our … Read more


Illuminate: to brighten; to light up; to irradiate; to shine Illuminate. What a beautiful word with a beautiful meaning.  We hope and we pray that we illuminate God’s love not only here in the United States, but also across the vast seas and into the heartland of Africa – to all those whom we encounter. … Read more

August 18th Fundraiser – Shake Your Tailbone

We are hoping each of you are enjoying your first couple of days in August. We cannot believe fall weather is drawing near!  Together we have the passion to love one another as our selves, just as Jesus commands us to do. In order to extend more of our love, we need your help.  We … Read more