Sunday, Jan. 22nd

Sunday, January 22nd The day of goodbyes As I reflect back on what we all accomplished over the last 3 weeks, all I can do is smile and praise God for his love, strength and guidance. Also I was so blessed with a lovely team. The team members each began to depart to return home, … Read more

Friday, Jan. 20th

Bwana Asifiwe! What a glorious day. Mark, Steve, John and I went to the hospital and heard morning report. We then had an evaluation meeting with the doctors, residents and medical students that we worked with all week. I was beyond excited and happy about how pleased they were with the time that we spent … Read more

Thursday Jan. 19th at the Hospital

Praise God for your strength and patience as we performed a delicate spine surgery that took us 4 1/2 hours. The room was filled with residents, medical students, radiology students and nursing students because all were interested in seeing and learning. Dr. Isidor assisted Dr Steve. I explained to anesthesiology that it was very important … Read more

Thursday, Jan. 19th

Shelby and I spent our last full day in Mwanza enjoying the children and staff at Fonelisco Orphanage. The name derives from “Foundation of New Life for Street Children and Orphans.   Our first task was to provide teaching on the delicate subject of sex education which was focused on the young girls entering puberty. … Read more

Tuesday, January 17th

We started the day as usual listening to the medical students give report on the patients that were admitted during the night and the instructors question them. Then one of the orthopedic residents that Iowa Orthopedics is sponsoring. He presented his proposal for his upcoming research. He listed Hope Ministries and Iowa Orthopedics on the … Read more

And even in the rain, we learn how to dance. Today, Allyson and I had the opportunity to hang out with the kiddos at Fonelisco Orphanage. After purchasing the kids food from the local market, we sat down with kids, ranging from 3 to 14, and taught them basic English words. After classroom time, it … Read more

Sunday, Jan. 16th

Sunday, January 15th. Greetings from Tanzania! Today was an “easy” day. We woke up early this morning to hop on a small propeller air plane to travel from Arusha to Mwanza. We landed and headed straight to Fonilisco children’s home. To say we were greeted with open arms would be a huge understatement. As soon … Read more

1.14.17 Safari Travels

Hello All! It’s Allyson, Trish, and Shelby!  We have been fortunate enough to get a little break and go on a safari with Julius for the last three days. Honestly, for us to try and describe this safari in a few short words may be fairly difficult – it was such an amazing, beautiful experience … Read more

Saturday, Jan. 14th.

Saturday, Jan. 14th. WOW….WOW…WOW….sorry we have not been able to post, but some of the team is out on safari and the rest of the medical team has \ been working at the hospital until 9-10 pm and we have been too exhausted to blog. Getting to be some long days but feel so blessed … Read more