Day 16

Hello again!             This is Ally and it has been another exciting day in Tanzania. We are now finished with our time in Rombo at the Huruma Hospital. This has truly been an incredible experience and I think I can speak for all of us when I say we had a wonderful time with the … Read more

Day 15

Jambo from Tanzania!             It is Grace Ristow again. Today marks the fifteenth day of our trip to Tanzania. We are yet at Huruma Hospital in Rambo and we have four different groups doing different things in the hospital with the nursing students from the nursing school nearby. One of the groups was with labor … Read more

Day 14

Hello friends and family! It is Karlie again and we have just completed day 14 of our trip! (At least I think day 14, it is easy to lose track of the days here.) We started out the morning with breakfast as a team and then walked over to Huruma hospital. It is nice to … Read more

Day 13

Back in Arusha. Have electricity and internet.  Sending postings. 4:37 PM TZ Time Hello everyone!This is Melinda again! It is Sunday the 25th! We have about one week left in Africa. Today we departed from Tudor Village and the Light in Africa Orphanage in Moshi. It was hard to say goodbye to the children we came to … Read more

Day 12

This posting arrives as our new day begins due to internet issues.  Enjoy. Diane   Jambo! This is Jasmine Frye reporting the events of day 12. I am a senior nursing major. Today was a fun-filled, busy day. We had an opportunity to spend much time with the children of Tudor Village this morning. This afternoon we … Read more

Day 11 for the NWC team

Jambo! My name is Katie Allen and I am a senior nursing major at NWC.  Today is day 11 here in Tanzania.  Time has definitely flown by, and it is crazy to think that our time in Tanzania is a little more than half way over.  It has been amazing seeing God work so far … Read more

Day 10 for the team

Jambo America! Last but not least, my name is Hannah Twedt and I am the lonely Social Work Student here on the trip! I am a junior and also go to Northwestern College. I am very thankful all the experiences that I have had the chance to experience working with my nursing sisters here in … Read more

Day 9 (Wow what a day we had today)

Jambo Friends and Family!             My name is Sarah Rathbun and I am a junior nursing student at Northwestern College. Today was day 9 here in beautiful Tanzania and we have been blessed beyond words, had more experiences than we could ever imagine, and we are so thankful for this opportunity!             There are no … Read more

Day 8

Jambo!    My name is Rachael Lee and I am a junior nursing student at Northwestern College. Today is day eight in Tanzania. I can't believe that we got here exactly a week ago today. God has been doing amazing things through our team this past week. I can't wait to see what He has … Read more

Day 7 for the team

Jambo rafiki yangu (Hello my friends),             My name is Ally and I am a junior nursing student at Northwestern College. We have already been in the beautiful country of Tanzania for saba (seven) days. Our Swahili is improving and I think we are all starting to feel more comfortable in the Tanzanian culture. Today … Read more