Wow what a day!!

Well the medical team was off to Bugando Hospital early to listen to the doctors report and then off to surgery we went. We really had some difficult cases. I can tell you one thing they should not have motorcycles in Africa because 90% of the orthopedic cases are due to these accidents and we … Read more


Sorry about not being able to post much. Either it is internet issues or we have been so busy. We had a fabulous 3-day safari in which we got to see the beauty of Africa and got some rest and great times with all the team members together. We then arrived back in Arusha to … Read more

We have Internet Again

Well we finally have internet again.  Hard to believe we have already been here a week.  Wow and the journey we have been on.  We finished a week of doing medical work at St. Joseph's Hospital.  The hospital sent out a message to let patients know that if they had orthopedic problems and could not … Read more

Fixed Misfortunes

Greetings! The day began with a breakfast that most were skeptical to try. It was something that we have not yet had, but I ended up really enjoying. The African poridge reminds me of Cream of Wheat from home. Of course, I added sugar to jazz it up, because nothing can be simple for me. … Read more

Our First Day of Clinic

The medical team went to St. Joseph's Hospital in Moshi which is run by the nuns.  We first had team with the head of the hospital and the visiting orthopedic surgeon and a resident orthopedic Dr  We saw many patients that had orthopedic traumas and set up the surgery schedule.  There was a 15 year … Read more

We Arrived in Tanzania Last Night, and Began Our Work Today

Greetings family, friends, and supporters of Hope Ministiries' January 2014 Tanzania Team!  Last night we landed at Kilimanjaro International Airport, a rural airfield betweeen to two cities, and were greeeted by our guide-friends and sisters from St. Joseph's Hospital.  The total travel time was around 23 hours with connections in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Amsterdam, Holland. … Read more