152 Patients

152 Patients – A Tanzanian Experience from Volunteer Alexa

Today, our work in the impoverished village of Mererani put our medical knowledge, physical endurance, and spiritual resilience to the test. The interactions, assessments, and healthcare education that happened within this building were vital to our growth as future healthcare professionals and to the holistic health of these community members.

Our team was able to see 152 patients this morning and throughout this afternoon. So many hopeful faces waited patiently at the door. Some of them have been praying for this moment for a very long time. One by one, each community member was thoroughly assessed and one by one they received education regarding their symptoms and a referral to the doctor for needed prescriptions. Not one person, who came with the hope of receiving quality healthcare, was turned away.

At Hope Ministries, we strive to effectively assess, treat and educate those in Tanzania for a long term impact in their lives. Please help us continue to impact lives of people in Tanzania, you can donate through either of the following links below:



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