Merry Christmas to everyone.  Jesus is the reason for the season.  I just talked to Julius, my Tanzanian Assistant, the team, and staff and everyone is giggling and laughing and are having a great Christmas day.  It sounds like they were having so much fun having a water fight.  They said Mama Lynn went and hid in her room.  I am so excited to share the photos they sent to me. 46c2eb75674f927b4bd2041373238340

First I need to thank my Tanzanian Assistant Julius Solomon, for all he does to help with the operation of Hope Ministries in Tanzania.  I could not do this without him.  Here he is cutting up the beef, that will be cooked for the special Christmas meal for all the children and staff at Light in Africa.  He is such a hard worker and my teams love him.  God bless you Julius at this special season and I thank God daily for putting you into my life.  He shares his love for God with our teams and the people we help.




Then Mama Lynn surprised the team with a special Christmas Dinner.  I want to thank they special young ladies for all they are doing to help these special little children of God.  Thanks for your loving and caring hearts.




b5d3c6464eef239b9ce5d467e3ea34fd Next I want to thank my grandkids, Taylor, Carter, Raigan, Maggie, Hannah, Drew and Chace for getting these special little kids a Christmas Present.  My grandkids spent the day wrapping 200 Christmas presents for each of the kids at Light in Africa.  They were so excited.  When I was talking to Julius today, I could hearing a lot of giggling and laughing because the children were so happy.  You guys are awesome and you provided something very special for these children!  Love you all so much!




Here the team is helping the children all open up their Christmas presents.  It was exciting for them to see these kids get some gifts.  All the children cleaned up and wore a special Christmas outfit for this special day.




29712e76fbeeb8417f256874de4b0e34All of the staff and children at Light in Africa Children’s home want to thank all of the donors from Hope Ministries, who made this all possible.  As we say in Swahili:  Mungu akubariki sana (May God bless you very much) and Nakupenda sana (We love you very much)!  Know that you all provided these children with a very special Christmas.  May God provide you all blessings during this special season and we are wishing you many blessings in 2016.  A special thanks from Hope Ministries Board of Directors and a very special thanks from me.  Love you all so much !  Gayle