10 Years of Untreated Severe Pain

A Surgical Story from Mama Gayle

I went to Selian Hospital this morning to check in on our surgical patients from yesterday’s surgeries.

One patient was a beautiful 26 year old woman who come in crying and struggling to walk. After we assessed her, it was clear that she had more than one infected wound. Once we took her wound dressings off, her infection was so deep it exposed her bone. She reported that she had been battling with these wounds for 10 years. She was in so much pain. After we cleansed her wounds, we applied sterile dressings and made a referral for her to report to Selian Hospital on Monday. Once her infection is cleared she will have multiple surgeries for surgical debridement and then will have another set of surgeries for skin grafts. She let us know that she has been unable to work due to her pain. We told her that Hope Ministries will assist with her surgical costs. She was so grateful for this financial help.

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