Bags are Packed and I am Ready to Go!

Bags are Packed and I am Ready to Go!

Well my bags are packed and I am ready to depart tomorrow.  I have been praying daily for God’s guidance as I have been preparing for this mission trip to Tanzania.  I will departing tomorrow by myself, so that I can do Hope business and get things ready for the...

Our Last Day in Africa

Today is our last full day here in Africa. Gayle and the boys went back to Tudor Village to try and wrap up the mattress saga while us girls went on some more hospice visits. We went to a village about an hour away from Arusha. The first woman was 60 and HIV positive....

Roller Coaster Ride

You must be this tall to ride the ride. Sound familiar. Those of you that have attended an amusement park would know these were the qualifications to get on a roller coaster. Well we must have met the criteria because today we defiantly went for a ride. It was a ride...
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